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6 Reasons Why ODM Is Fighting Hon Aisha Jumwa

Before we talk about Aisha Jumwa, let me tell you about the two categories of politicians we have in Kenya. On the one hand are the complacent (these coil under the slightest pressure). On the other hand are the principled (those who defend their beliefs whatever the cost)

As you may already know. Kenya’s political scene is littered with shameless flipflops. The majority of our politicians abandon their constituents at the slightest threat from the agents of the status quo.

They’ve twisted the famous words of Thomas Jefferson (3rd US President) who once said…

On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock

Most members of the political class swim with the current on matters of principle and stand like a rock when it about non-issues like their allowances.

Back to Hon. Aisha Jumwa.

If you didn’t know her, Aisha is the first woman to be elected MP in Kilifi County. Until recently, Jumwa was the darling of Wenye Pwani and ODM leadership (both at the local and national levels).

That’s until she started to question the double standards in ODM and pointing out the hypocrisy of some gatekeepers at the Coast.

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I know you may be wondering what Aisha Jumwa is doing or stands for today that is really causing jitters at Orange House?

I mean, why would a party that parades itself as the custodian of democracy in Africa be persecuting some lady from Kilifi.

Well, here are the 6 major reasons why ODM is so angry at the MP for Malindi.

1. Calling Out ODM

If you’ve been in this country for a while, you know how ODM treats dissidents. By dissidents, I’m talking about members of the party who dare to question the party leader’s moves.

For instance, Hon. Jumwa asked why a party that received overwhelming support from Coast would endorse policies that immediately render the locals jobless.

How did ODM leadership respond? They were enraged and have since been trying all they can to fix Aisha.

How dare she question the ‘party position’? Why can’t Aisha Jumwa understand that the plight of Pwani people is irrelevant as long as Raila is happy?

In fact, the ODM leadership at the coast can’t believe that Aisha Jumwa has the guts to reprimand them.

They want Aisha quiet or gone.

2. Sensitizing the locals

ODM (or should I say Raila) enjoys serious support at the Coast, mainly because the locals believe he’s fighting for them. While the opposite is true, people must continue believing the lie.

Hon. Aisha Jumwa has chosen to disobey the ‘rule’ and is sensitizing the locals. The Malindi MP is telling her people what they deserve (as major stakeholders) as opposed to the peanuts they are receiving from ODM.

Her sensitization meetings, as you can tell, is a threat to ODM’s hold on the locals. The party, instead of apologizing for taking the Coast supporters for granted, sees Aisha as an enemy they must get rid of soonest.

3. Rolling out empowerment programs

I don’t know what the big idea behind it is, but ODM leadership has never supported the empowerment of the locals. Almost all ODM leaders who try to do more for their constituents have been criticized by the party.

If ODM doesn’t accuse you of using funds from the opponent to “undermine Baba”, they’ll cook a graft scandal to downplay your empowerment programs.

In fact, in places like Luo Nyanza, most performers do not make it back to parliament.

That Aisha is putting up schools, renovating health centers, and funding income-generating activities is really upsetting ODM leadership.

It appears the ODM leadership would rather the people of Malindi remain poorer and easy to manipulate. To achieve that, Aisha Jumwa and her development projects have to be demonized.

4. Calling for Umoja Wa Wapwani

Let’s make one thing clear, Raila has no problem with a united Coast. Not at all! His problem is the purpose of the said unity. The ODM Chief has no problem with the people of Coast uniting behind him.

What he can’t accept are the people he’s exploited for decades finally uniting to chart their own political destiny.

And, since Hon. Jumwa is vocal about Umoja wa wapwani, Orange House sees her as a political criminal.

ODM isn’t thrilled that the Malindi MP is successfully bringing together leaders (irrespective of their party affiliation) to define a new Coast.

A political movement by the people for the people is a dream ODM can’t allow watu wa pwani to realize.

5. Aisha supports Ruto

As you know, ODM has this unwritten rule that no member shall be associated with Ruto unless Raila says so. By openly associating with Ruto, Aisha broke this sacred rule and must be punished

ODM launched a scathing attack against Aisha Jumwa the day she announced her intention to support Ruto come 2022.¬†Forget that ODM leaders (including Raila) are openly working with Ruto’s boss.

The Malindi legislator must pay for smiling at Ruto.

6. Rising Popularity

According to Raila (aka ODM), a leader can’t be popular in her rights. No! The popularity should be based on how loyal one is to the ODM owner.

So, imagine how they feel when they see Aisha Jumwa become more popular in the Coast despite the fact that she’s not ‘loyal’ to baba?

Love her or hate her but one thing you can never question about Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa is her confidence, boldness and uncanny ability to stand for what she believes in. Coupled with her towering frame, eloquent coastal Swahili and infectious energy, the MP has carved a unique style of communicating to her followers which always leaves the crowd hyped, charged and electrified ~ Nairobi News

ODM leadership at the coast is even more worried. They fear the people are seconds away from declaring the Malindi MP their regional spokesperson. They fear that the lady might lead the people to freedom and destroy the status quo.

And so, they resorted to painting Aisha dark; they want her gone from the political scene.


Going by Hon. Aisha Jumwa’s ‘list of crimes’ it won’t shock me a bit if they cooked some scandal for her or reopen the fake CDF scandal.

Knowing how insecure Orange House is, I won’t be surprised if they used their friends in the “system” to arrest Aisha on trumped-up charges, including the Ganda incident.

If you know ODM so well, you’ll also know that they fear competition and those who call them out. I expect them to stoop lower and harass Aisha Jumwa even further.

Fortunately, for those who believe in the change and empowerment she stands for, Aisha is unbowed.

To her, defending the rights of the people of Malindi and the region is sacred. She’ll not bend to intimidation, blackmail, or outright persecution.

It’s now upon, the people she fights for to stand with her and resist the ukoloni mamboleo or buy into the smear campaign and side with their oppressors.

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  1. Aisha is an iron lady. Shes been doing what most of our male politicians are scared Todo. Not bowing to baba nor ODM party. I pray and wish that God be with her to achieve her objectives and also to protect her from their malice

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