What A Senator Kajwang Means For Homa Bay

What A Senator Kajwang Means For Homa Bay

I don’t know Moses Kajwang too well, do you? In fact, like most Kenyans, I learnt of his existence following the painful demise of Senator Gerald Otieno. I’m of the opinion that even Raila and his cronies (who forced him down the throats of the Homa Bay voters ) barely know him. Why can’t I just accept and move on you may be wondering?

You are of the opinion that I’m a small nagging rat, a very sore loser, one who couldn’t read the signs. And why must I write, blaming ODM or dragging Raila’s name into everything? Well, Raila/ODM brought war to our doorstep, there is no way he can play victim. Again, his supporters lit the fire and shouldn’t be the one complaining that the kitchen is hot.

Why I Speak

I and other like-minded would be busy licking our wounds after what is many call a landslide defeat if ODM and their party leader behaved. ODM did paint our leaders as the enemies of Luos. Brought people as far as Mombasa to came and disparage our candidates. You see, ODM didn’t stop at duping these people into paying 250,000/- for a nomination that never was, they came and pictched tents in home to insult the same people whose money bought the tents.

ODM’s high priest and the self-proclaimed father of modern democracy came to Homabay to roundly condemn defectors and extol the little known Moses above all. For a party that had to call all the selected officials to a press conference just to welcome a defector from Jubilee in the Kajiado by-elections, this was a nexgen hypocrisy.

Defections from ODM to any other party is backstabbing exercise. In fact, it can only earn you the ‘mole’ and ‘traitor’ tags. ODM will also pronounce you an anti-multiparty democracy. However, should you leave any other political outfit to join ODM, you become a celebrity and a champion of democracy. But then again, if such duplicity didn’t exist in ODM where else would it.

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ODM treated the residents of Homabay with some of the most far-fetched propaganda and ludicrous threats. Okundi (a former Director of Selections at ODM), Jakakimba (a former PA of Raila) and Rabongo (a man the high priest called a friend) were now salaried jubilee operatives.

Every aspirant apart from Moses Kajwang was in one way linked to Uhuru; the real enemy. ODM insisted that Uhuru, Mount Kenya Mafia or any other names they’ve been labelled, envy the ‘Luo unity’and would spare no effort to end it.

Moses Kajwang
Moses Kajwang (ODM’s Senate Candidate)

George Oner,  Rege, Ogindo and others who dared to disagree with this unnecessary political patronage were given imaginary ‘red cards’ and condemned to political obscurity. Yes, the Junets, Mbadis, Oburus, Wangas and even the Kalumas of this world have the audacity to enunciate the political demise of other members of parliament. Comical?

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When ideological independence is condemned while wanton sycophancy is celebrated, there is nothing to smile about. What else am I left to do than to run to the nearest public square and proclaim the sad truth; that a senator Moses doesn’t auger well with the posterity of our county?

Call us all the ugly names you want; label everybody a mole and traitor but weren’t keeping quiet. Such it the cost of being politically incorrect in Kenya. I heard that nothing short of a Moses’ win would could save the Luos from complete annihilation. Well, I and others can’t and won’t be complacent when our county is mortgaged for nought in the name of political expediency.

Business As Usual

While I may not take you through all the duties of a senator, I want to confirm that it’s all about protecting a county and supervising where necessary. The senator has a say on how the money is used and or misused in a county. It is why every unscrupulous governor needs a weak and novice individual as senator.

Don’t get me wrong, the governor is the manager of the county and his executives have their roles so well documented.

It is obvious that, even in the wake of high ratings from World Bank, Homa Bay has serious management issues. Claims are ripe that Governor Awiti is wasting government resources on politics. He was sighted on more than several occasions using the county resources to support the Kajwang’s Camp.

Since the governor doesn’t strike me as a fool, he had a very good reason why he had to support Kajwang. Maybe to defeat Okundi but most importantly to control the holder of that office. You and I don’t expect the young Moses to bite the fingers that fed him. He won’t oppose the mismanagement in Homabay under the ever launching Governor.

To The County

I seriously doubt if Moses would have the temerity to oppose Raila’s constant interference in Homabay affairs and politics. Here are some things Moses may not have the moral ground or mettle to stand against:

  • Moses lacks the audacity to challenge how the County Secretary, County Auditor, Chief Procurement Officer, Chief of Staff, Economic Advisor, Political Advisor are hired. He is already in bed with the hiring authority!
  • Homa Bay has been treated to out-of-this-world projects such as the AGRICITY. These are projects that need our money to launch and then died thereafter. Awiti, our reigning launching champion, used his all to make Moses a senator and you must be so naive to think Kajwang can question his white elephant project.
  • That the county only allocated 60 million (if my ever reliable source didn’t fail me) out of 5Billion for a fully devolved service like health tells you things have gone terribly wrong. No wonder patients have to buy even syringes and needles at Agoro District Hospital. Other health centers are literally dysfunctional. Do you expect Moses to tell the governor that all is not well? You must be out of your might to even think he can do that
  • The County Public Service Board has taken nepotism from where Raila left it (when he was the premier) to the next level. Oh, and workers are almost getting used to delayed salaries. Did I say that contractors have to wait for eternity to be paid? Now, go ahead and tell me how Moses will summon challenge such disorder.
  • Revenue collection doesn’t add up, the markets are stinking and we are yet to have Ward Administrators. MCAs from some counties would be rallying to send the governor home, but ours are busy praising and defending Awiti and the young Moses will certainly follow suit?

To ODM Party

Kajwang’s loss would have saved ODM from ll also be beneficial ODM as a movement. Borrowing heavily from a friend’s Facebook post, there are almost 7 strong reasons why Kajwang must lose:

  • Kajwang’s win has done away with the confidence of aspiring politicians that they too in future elections can contest and win the ODM ticket for any position!
  • Kajwang’s win has thrown to the gutter the much-needed sanity in ODM. It is official now, the party doesn’t accommodate divergent opinions unless you want to be labelled a mole!
  • Kajwang’s win has sent a message to the beneficiaries of direct nomination in 2013 that in 2017 it will be business as usual!
  • Kajwang’s win has sent a message to ODM luminaries who have turned the party into a money minting machine where highest bidders acquire party tickets that it is a good thing they are doing!
  • Kajwang’s win has sent a message to ODM NEB that in 2017 they don’t have to organise a credible, fair and transparent party primaries!
  • Kajwang’s has killed the spirit of the ‘D’ in the ODM

Even with so-called landslide win for Moses, tens of thousands refused to be used as rubber stamp and voting machines. Again, Raila lost a good number of staunch supporters not to mention heavyweight financiers in the process.

The desire to be free from Odingaism grew even stronger. That an ODM candidate couldn’t campaign freely in an ODM zone wont be forgotten soon. In fact, things the former premier may not have a smooth ride in most parts of Luo Nyanza come 2017. If you asked, the ideologist have won and in a great way so.

6 thoughts on “What A Senator Kajwang Means For Homa Bay”

  1. Samson Ogola, you are God-sent. It is so refreshing to read an analytical piece like yours that touches on the core of ODM's leadership failure in Luo-Nyanza. I personally challenged ODM's internal democracy due to the fake nominations held in December 2012, which led to fallouts and 'defections' that saw Governor Obado and MP Olago Aluoch win their seats through CORD affiliate parties. That was the beginning of the failure of the ODM's presidential candidate, regardless of the alleged rigging by Jubilee in 2013.

    As we wait to see how the Homa-Bay senatorial by-election will be conducted, there is a lot of misplaced agenda in ODM geared towards branding the CORD affiliate candidates as 'Jubilee moles', 'rebels', etc. I do not understand how they can bear those tags, yet they did not register in Jubilee. It is really silly of some senior Luo politicians to use those 'worn-out' tactics to distract Homa-Bay residents from the fact that they used a boardroom approach to select Moses Kajwang' for the seat, while rejecting the others who had an equal shot at the earlier proposed 'fair' nominations.

    The ground is shifting in Luo Nyanza and people should begin to hold their noisy and rhetoric-laden politicians to account. For instance, can Luos ask why basic services are not being delivered at the County level? Can they question why their elected politicians need retreats at Kenyan hotels and take expensive trips abroad, to study irrelevant projects in the USA for one week, yet they cannot even dig public pit latrines within the Luo counties? How can the elected politicians influence youth employment by beginning to accept that they spend so much money in Nairobi, yet invest very little in Luo Nyanza?

    The younger Luo generation should become critical and not be swayed by their sly politicians whose perpetual interest is to exploit the poor taxpayers while in office, yet only come back to demand for votes after five years of giving them nothing. Most Luos need to move away from personality cult issues; absolute sycophancy, and the obsession with their good-for-nothing leaders and start questioning them for the failures associated with poor school grades, which the ODM leadership does not address.

    Elected Luo politicians should be asked to account for the disbursed public funds which are being spent on useless projects that have no visible returns. The youth should be able to demand why the billions of shillings allocated to Luo counties are not creating profitable projects. Why is fish more expensive in Luoland yet Lake Victoria is within their region? Kikuyu counties now have many artificial fish farming projects raking in millions of shillings, yet just a few years ago, 'fis' was strictly a Luo dish.

    Sycophancy on the other hand, only lets the youth talk about the fuel guzzlers owned by ODM politicians who exploit them. Now that money is channeled to the counties, the Luo youth should be employed to reduce rural-urban migration that only lets them live in abject poverty in Nairobi slums.

    Think and arise you Luo youths. Keep questioning the politicians since you wield all the power to make or break them. Revolutionize your minds!

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