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5 Lies About Ruto You Should Immediately Ignore

There are so many lies about Ruto doing the rounds out there. Ever since he expressed interest in becoming president, Ruto’s detractors have worked tirelessly to paint him as the devil incarnate. The question is, why Ruto?

Don’t we have other men and women with presidential ambitions to chide? The simple answer is that people hate or love Ruto because of WHO he represents. But I digress.

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As I was saying, there are dozens of lies about Ruto, and we are going to look at five. Without much ado, permit me to list and debunk five of the notorious myths about the DP.

1. Ruto is the most corrupt Kenyan

One Raila Odinga once labeled William Ruto “the high-priest of corruption”. Not that Raila has any moral authority to call anyone corrupt, but because this is Kenya. As you might already know, ours is a country where a call-girl can lecture a priest on how to remain celibate.

In the eyes of William’s opponents, Raila was right. And, the DP is guilty as charged.

But wait a minute…

Neither Raila nor his supporters saw Ruto as corrupt when the MP for Eldoret North shelved his ambitions for his. Meaning, Ruto is a man of integrity as long as he supports the ambitions of others. Otherwise, our Deputy President is the “most corrupt” Kenyan


Let’s assume Ruto grew an appetite for public funds after he’d worked with his accusers. Do they have evidence to back such a claim?

For instance, can anyone prove that Ruto lost his integrity during Uhuru’s second term? In the absence of such evidence, you are simply admitting that President Uhuru kept a corrupt Ruto as a running-mate.

But why would a president, who hates corruption, retain the most corrupt Kenyan as his number 2? Either Uhuru doesn’t hate corruption or Ruto is not corrupt.

By the way, the term ‘most’ connotes comparison and analysis. Ruto’s derogators are implying that he emerged top after analyzing all the corrupt Kenyans. To back this, they quote an opinion poll by IPSOS that put Ruto at the top.

While I’d simply dismiss the poll as a fake, I choose to focus on the reasons the respondents gave instead. According to the poll, 33% of the respondents “felt” Ruto was the most corrupt followed by Ann Waiguruat 33%.

The key phrase is that ‘they FELT Ruto was the most corrupt”. Note that the respondents gave no evidence but simply shared a feeling.

But can you blame some Kenyans for having such a feeling after years of a smear campaign against Ruto?

Lastly, the poll listed Uhuru and Raila among the top 5 most corrupt Kenyans. You’d think the two are also facing endless name-calling, but no. Uhuru and Raila are ‘leading’ the war against corruption.

If Ruto’s critics don’t believe IPSOS results on Uhuru and Raila, why should you believe what it said about Ruto?


Claims that William Ruto is corrupt, let alone the most corrupt person is Kenya, should be treated as one of the many lies about Ruto. Why? He who alleges bears the burden of proof. Unfortunately, sponsored screaming headlines and trolling in funerals do not constitutes evidence.

The smear campaign might work in a court of public opinion. In a court of law, however, you need incontrivertible proof that Ruto got his wealth by defrauding the taxpayers.

Please ignore this lie. It’s meant to dissuade voters from rallying behind Ruto when the time comes.

2. Ruto is the chief land-grabber

Of the many lies people tell about Ruto, none is as ridiculous as the claim that he’s the chief land-grabber. Please peruse the pages of Ndung’u Land Report and you’ll know what a land-grabber is.

Resource: Ndungu Land Report

What about Muteshi, Weston, Langata Primary, and so on? Are these not enough examples to prove that Ruto has an insatiable appetite for land?

Allow me to ignore the Langata Primary issues with as much contempt as I can gather. This was a cheap shot at the DP. To date, they can’t provide even a remote link between the DP and the school.

Both Muteshi Civil Suit and investigations into Weston Hotel arrived at the same conclusion. Ruto or an associated company bought the land from entities that had acquired the land irregularly. In both cases, the court/National Land Commission said Ruto was an innocent buyer.

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But in some of the most unfair decisions, the court ordered Ruto to pay Muteshi and KAA.

It is a case of police arresting you with a used phone. But, after investigations, they find the guy who sold you the phone. Instead of asking the seller to pay the original owner, the police insist you carry the burden.


There is no record of Ruto grabbing any piece of land. In fact, the courts cleared him of the Kenya Pipeline Company land saga in 2011.

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Land grabbing is one of the lies about Ruto, you must ignore. At best, it serves to divert attention from the real land-grabber(s).

3. Ruto is disloyal and impatient

I first heard about Ruto’s impatience and hunger for power during the Grand Coalition Government. Raila was the Prime Minister of the Republic and a Co-Principal.

The trouble began when Ruto expressed interest in the 2013 presidential race. Apparently, Ruto did not know that Raila was an everlasting candidate. He thought, having shelved his ambitions for Raila and being in a democratic movement, he could freely vie.

That was a big mistake!

Ruto immediately attracted ugly monikers and a sack from the Cabinet.

The Prime Minister sacked me because I was performing all the functions that I was assigned when he thought that I was going to worship him.”

William Ruto, Capital News, 2011

The men and women who cheered Ruto as he supported Raila instantly loathed him. Ruto was now a power-hungry and disloyal man.

Almost 10 years later, history is repeating itself. Ruto is again suffocating under accusations because he dares to declare interest in 2022 race.


There is no way Ruto is a “reasonable gentleman” whenever he shelves his ambitions for the sake of others, but a disloyal and disrespectful person whenever he has ambitions of own.

No politician is as loyal to their bosses as Ruto. Ignore the contrary with contempt.

4. Ruto is vindictive

A friend once told me that he could never elect a vindictive and resentful man like Ruto. Another said Kikuyus would vote Ruto because of fear, not love. Now, from the outset, Ruto must be an evil man

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The question is, when did Ruto harm anyone for failing to support him? As the MP for Eldoret North, did Ruto evict or kill the men and women who didn’t vote for him? I mean, there is no record of Ruto going to parliament unopposed.

Ruto ran with Uhuru for two terms, did he evict or harm the residents of Rift Valley who voted against Jubilee?

The fact is, there is no evidence that Ruto has gone after his political opponents to harm them. It’s one of the lies about Ruto people tell when they have nothing else to accuse him of.

Picture this…

If Ruto was as ruthless as they paint him, how would a critic like Alfred Keter get reelected on a Jubilee ticket?

Were Ruto to be so unforgiving what would he be doing at Tuju’s after the famous phonecall?

Today, there are several members of parliament working with Ruto who had worked against him in the past. An unforgiving man wouldn’t accommodate such.


In their desire to paint the DP darkest, people can coin every lie. But unless there is even a remote proof that Ruto is vengeful, put the myth into a trash bin

5. Ruto is a dictator

Allow me to dismiss this claim from the onset. There is no way Ruto can be a dictator and still humble himself under other leaders. Trust me, he wouldn’t be enjoying the love he enjoys today

The only place where you can be a dictator and still be loved is on the movie set

Federico Fellini

Dictators are self-centered and won’t take orders from others. Is that who the William you know is?


It is apparent that Ruto is a victim of a well-cordinated smear campaign. As with every political onslaught, slander and outrageous claims are key.

The only thing more frustrating than slanderers is those foolish enough to listen to them.

Criss Jami, Killosophy

Do your part by ignoring the blatant lies about Ruto and let’s focus on what’s important.

Feel free to share other lies they tell about the DP or what you think about the issues above. I’ll be waiting at the comment box to engage you.

10 thoughts on “5 Lies About Ruto You Should Immediately Ignore”

  1. Bull sheet! Ruto stole maize just a few months into the nusu mkate government and that’s where they differed with Raila. Nothing else! Who knew that Ruto had presidential ambitions by then? Cheap and very raw no wonder you are.

  2. Were you paid to write this article. Truth of the matter is Ruto is corrupt,I mean very corrupt and he has no qualities of a leader.

  3. You have spoken so well about this likes.
    What I can to it is that will is humble and s loving person.

    I have known him since 2005.. although he has never done anything to me but as a kalenjin I believe he is the right person to be where he is on behalf of the community and the country at large.

    We will pray for him and we will support him fully.

  4. All these people you hear critising the dp are heathen who have no fear of God in them.when you are God chosen Satan uses his agent to fight against you.can see nothing good in the person because are two different forces at war.moses,Jesus who was the saviour of the world faced same challenges. But no matter how much they did with their wicked schemes shall not succeeded. Leaders are chosen from on high we are just agents to used to fulfil God’s purpose here on earth.this sounds foolish to the learned because are carnal and not spiritual to understand spiritual things and the we will of God although have religious names.To those who might think a fighting dp should be careful not be in collision with God and the quincequince is to fatal.Goliath tried,king herod did and many.

  5. The President of Kenya is the deputy President of Kenya William samoe Ruto.
    The church is praying and our God hears his righteous to answer to their prayers.
    The Church is being fought in proxy because of the dp.the God that we worship is the owner of the church not the building and gonna fight back for us.

  6. Mulati Robert Wamalwa

    I like this. It should be read by the detractor. But How about the kiambaa massacre, The kimwarer dam saga. Was Ruto involved?

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