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4 Reasons Why Building Bridges Initiative Is Illegal

Since its creation about 2 years ago, the Building Bridges Initiative (aka BBI) has been nothing but controversial. BBI’s proponents see it as a lasting solution to all Kenya’s political challenges. The opponents of the Initiative, on the other hand, insist it an all expensive 2022 campaign ploy.

Whether the Building Bridges Initiative is a solution to our problems or a political ploy is not the issue here; its legality is. Can the recommendations of the BBI be taken seriously? Well, according to a group led by Yash Pal Ghai, the initiative is both illegal and unnecessary. Below are some of the reasons why BBI is illegal according to Ghai led Civil Society Group:

1. Lacks the backing of Parliament and Cabinet

The BBI was not formed through Parliament or the Cabinet and so the issues it seeks to address cannot be construed to be public policies. This is anchored on the definition of the public policy, where the agreement between the two individuals cannot amount to public policy

2. Never consulted anyone

Building Bridges Initiative is based on an agreement between two individuals (i.e. President Kenyatta and his Opponent Raila Odinga). They never consulted anyone but still went ahead to fund their personal Political objectives using State resources.

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Therefore that misallocation of public funds to set up the BBI as a Task Force to develop the idea of two individuals, renders the BBI illegal.

3. Building Bridges Initiative Is Redundant

The 9 points on which the BBI has been collecting views are historical and have been addressed by PAST TASK FORCES and COMMISSIONS of ENQUIRY. This brings to the force once again the misappropriation of Tax Funds to duplicate on issues that have already been interrogated and resolutions drawn and agreed on, in the past.

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Once again horning in on the illegality of the initiative in its disguise as a public entity.

4. Unprofessional selection of the members

There was an opaque and unprofessional process applied in the selection of the 14 members, where most of whom have known political affiliations, that would ensure the BBI report would have a deliberately skewed political bias.

The above reasons are just but some of the reasons why the Building Bridges Initiative is not just a waste of taxpayers money but a total non-starter.

Do you agree with Prof. Ghai’s team? Fill free to share your views via the comment box.

Credit: Sandrah Njoki

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