Why I support Ruto

2 Simple Reasons Why I Support William Ruto

This post is for you, whether you are a supporter or an opponent of the presidential ambition of William Ruto. As a fan, you get to find out if you endorse Ruto for the same reasons as others. On the other hand, an opponent gets to know the real ideas endearing many to Ruto.

Before we delve into the 2 simple reasons why I support William, let’s get some facts out fo the way.

  • Ruto’s presidential ambition isn’t a case of some later day power-hungry rebel. Lest you forget, the Deputy President made his desire to lead Kenya known as early as 2006. And, the only reason Ruto is yet to contest is that he shelved his ambitions in favor of Raila ( in 2007) and Uhuru (in 2013 and 2017).
  • There is no such thing as an early campaign. What Ruto does today (visiting various parts of the country) he’s been doing since 2013. And, if it wasn’t an early campaign then, it shouldn’t be one today.
  • There is no record to show that Deputy President has (in any way) undermined the president. On the contrary, William Ruto has stood by Uhuru even when he didn’t have to.

Now that we are on the same page, allow me to jump straight away into why I endorse Ruto’s presidency.

1. William Ruto is qualified

William Ruto is overqualified to vie for the office of president. Yes, the DP’s qualifications go past the demands of Article 137 of the Constitution. Let’s look at Ruto’s development record and traits.

Past Record

Ruto’s record as an MP, at the Ministries of Higher Education (a department these days) and Agriculture, stand several years later. For instance:

  • Residents of Eldoret North Constituency will tell you that they saw the most development with Ruto as their Member of Parliament
  • The Ministry of Agriculture, under William Ruto, was ranked the best. Please read more about his achievement at the ministry of Agriculture here.
  • At the Ministry of Higher Education, Ruto did away with the backlog of admission to universities. He also rejuvenated TIVETs and started a crackdown on fake colleges. You can read more about his proposals here
  • As the Deputy President, Ruto spearheaded most of the achievements of Jubilee. In fact, William Ruto probably is the only voice still talking about electricity, water, road, and jobs for the poor.

His Traits

Willaim Ruto’s development record isn’t the only thing that qualifies him. The man has all the traits of a great leader.

  • Ruto is aggressive – A go-getter who will launch and monitor projects till their completion
  • Ruto is firm and straight forward – In a country littered with flipflops, Ruto is yet to change his stance on same-sex relationships, the killing of the unborn and even handshake/BBI.
  • He’s brilliant – Not just academically, Ruto knows how to maneuver the very turbulent waters of Kenyan politics
  • Generous and people’s person – He’s not called Hustle because he’s a pauper but because of how Ruto relates with the common man and chipping in to help where and whenever he can.
  • Extremely loyal – Ruto knows that to lead, you must allow others to guide you. How he’s humbled himself under Uhuru is testimony enough to his humility.

Why do you think former opponents are endorsing Daktari’s ambition left and right? Yes, nothing beats a cocktail of competence and character.

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2. Ruto Inspires

Sonia Sotomayor (an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States) once said, and I paraphrase

some people provide more than inspiration; their very existence is confirmation of possibilities one may have every reason to doubt, saying, ‘Yes, someone like me can do this

Ruto is a symbol of resilience. While he may not be struggling to put food on the table today, that was his life. He was dismissed based on a Hindu-like caste system like we are today. That he’s Deputy President, considering the odds, does more than inspire.

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But wait a minute, according to William’s opponents, the man looted his way to the top. Can such a man inspire me? Never! Fortunately, all they have are speculations. And William Ruto has said (times without number) that he’s ready to account for every coin he has.

My advice to his opponents, please prepare a legal platform and get to know how William Ruto’s wealth. While at it, don’t forget to invite other billionaire politicians to share their money-making skills too.

In conclusion

I support William Ruto for sentimental and rational reasons. Ruto is qualified for the office, and his candidature inspires me.

Besides, Ruto is upsetting the status quo. He’s literally bringing along men and women with no ‘proper’ backgrounds to the table. That’s change and I always support change.

As for the “Ruot is corrupt” Choir, please understand that screaming headlines don’t constitute evidence. So, until you can prove (in a court of law) that Ruto is who you claim he is, he has my unqualified support. After all, the burden of proof lies with the accuser, not the other way round.

Feel free to share why you support/oppose William Ruto via the comment box below.

21 thoughts on “2 Simple Reasons Why I Support William Ruto”

  1. Two things too
    1. He led a brigade that opposed new constitution that after promulgation has been praised to be the most pragmatic constitution the world over. While at it, he spewed many lies that demonstrated an arrogant leader in him.
    2. He is a pure epitome of a dictator. He smells blood and thoroughly taints him. Flies will always follow stench, so much allegations of death related cases follows him. If given a chance, we can only foretell of a leader that would be a desgust on arrival.

  2. I don’t object Ruto’s ambition to become the president.He will tell what he achieved according to jubilee manifesto. I think come year 2022 many will seek to be elected.Even in politics the beautiful ones are not yet born.Pray God will keep us alive and safe.With your one vote for Ruto keep it safe from covid-19 threat

  3. wow, I think you’ve literary affirmed my choice. I had my reservations about WSR but since his intentions are unsettling the status quo I’m voting for the guy come 2022. Plus we all know he is over qualified.

  4. I am for wsr. He’s is over qualified.. No body can match this guy in kenya politic… Even if you combine all those noise maker of politic… Ruto tosha

    1. Mukhisa can’t even keep his fly in his pants! Why would you trust anyone that cannot RESPECT the most important contract (MARRIAGE) with the affairs of a country?!!
      Yeah..I know you will bring up mambo ya Baby Abby and etc BUT Ruto took responsibility.
      Kibwana is the most overrated demagogue!

  5. I like this man…he is brave and he knows how to handle every situation…… silent ain’t a sign of defeat….but it’s full of answers to the wise …

  6. You lost me on “people with no proper backgrounds”. There is a reason certificates and Cvs exist, to prove that you have qualification without having to test you and risk failing. For a country that has very few experts running the govt, his behaviour of bringing on-board every tom and harry amounts to self-sabotage.

  7. How it started and how it’s going for ME: For years even before PEV, I hated Ruto with a passion but I have kinda started warming up to him pole pole. One thing nobody can deny is that HE IS PERFOMER.

    He has my vote.

    No one is without weaknesses and I believe his will be watched closely by the Opposition and Judiciary (assuming there shall be NO MORE HANDCHEQUES and Hand-chieths as Miguna calls them).

  8. Beautifully thought-out and drafted article that has described Dr William Samoe Arap, the man, the legend and everything about who he is perfectly. Please allow me to share it widely…..

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